The environmental, economic and social components are increasingly present in the development of rural and forest areas, and of food production;

The territorial matrix acquires relevance for the enterprises that find their economic and financial integrity within district and supply chain strategies.

The ongoing transformation and radical changes in the agricultural and rural reality of our country highlight a phase of deep innovation: the farm is an integral part of a complex economic system that assesses also public and intangible goods;

The entrepreneur can undertake diversified activities growing along with the more traditional ones of food and agricultural production.

EU, national and regional regulations express politics in favour of sustainable development, health safeguard, national and international markets and technological innovation, affecting the agri-silvicultural, zootechnical and agri-industrial sectors.

Istituto Delta, within the framework of conservation and restoration of rural landscapes, intervenes by collaborating:

  • In the maintenance of elements of the traditional agricultural landscape and of natural environments within agri-ecosystems;
  • With Public Bodies in processes of territorial projecting and valorisation of rural components with a landscape and social function;
  • As a partner in cooperation and applied research projects on topics of agrarian and environmental economy.

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    Istituto Delta intervenes by proposing to the public-private system:

    • The valorisation of branded productions (product-territory link) and their certification;
    • The contribution of a team of professionals within the legal field, specialised in food hygiene and quality consulting, food security rights, commercial agreements, intellectual property, labelling and food products advertisement;
    • The building of networks, supply chains and local systems;
    • The development of cultural and social activities connected to multifunctional agriculture;
    • The drawing up of communication, food education and healthy lifestyle programmes